233 East, Ringwood Residences

The great Ringwood reinvention

There’s one thing that’s selling quicker than haute couture at a fashion show. And that’s the Ringwood apartments for sale associated with the 233 East development.

Is it any wonder?

We stand on the shores of the creation of a new side of Melbourne that is bound to attract interest from across the city and across the world.

Find out what the great Ringwood reinvention means. And why you should investigate the current roster of Ringwood apartments for sale at cornerstone development, 233 East

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233 East, Sleek and sophisticated new apartments in Ringwood

If you’re looking for the hot tip in future real estate returns and oh so trendy living, you can’t go past the new apartments in Ringwood. Ringwood is having a makeover of star proportions. It includes a billion dollar investment in live-ability and community infrastructure.

So pull up a seat and discover why new apartments in Ringwood are a sure bet when it comes to all kinds of rewards 

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