233 East, Ringwood Residences

Posted 11th October, 2016

The great Ringwood reinvention

There’s one thing that’s selling quicker than haute couture at a fashion show. And that’s the Ringwood apartments for sale associated with the 233 East development.

Is it any wonder?

We stand on the shores of the creation of a new side of Melbourne that is bound to attract interest from across the city and across the world.

Find out what the great Ringwood reinvention means. And why you should investigate the current roster of Ringwood apartments for sale at cornerstone development, 233 East


Ringwood is primed to be the next big thing

There is ample space to build a vision where commercial meets culture and liveability meets lifestyle. Ringwood is well positioned to grow into a much loved and sought after destination.

Ringwood property values are growing annually by an enormous 7%. That’s twice that of the Melbourne suburban average. The transport infrastructure has had a $66million dollar injection in funding.

Eastland Shopping Centre is bound to attract thousands of shoppers after a $665million upgrade. Even Costco wants a slice of the Ringwood action with a $60million store investment.

Abundant bicycle lanes, train lines and a new terminus make for easy public transport trips. And the high speed highway direct to the city makes Ringwood as accessible as it is appealing.

It’s city chic without the downsides

With wine country circling the outskirts of Ringwood and great green expanses within, the potential is endless. Beach trips can be done in the day and the CBD is never far away for theatre and shows.

Here you have an area that is bringing sophisticated apartments for sale in Ringwood together with culture, retail and eateries.

Ringwood is peaceful, green and has a wonderful ‘get away from it all’ vibe. It screams ‘work life balance’ in the most relaxing way possible. Melbournians are grabbing the opportunity to make scenery, natural beauty and that all important ‘home away from home’ feel a part of their working lives.

With an easy commute to work, you can enjoy short trips to the beach, acres of reserves and wine country every single weekend.

Your weekend getaway is now your Ringwood home, yet without the packing, the travel or the added expense.

Reimaging apartment living in a reinvented Ringwood

The Ringwood apartments for sale in the area are already proving their worth. And 233 East promises to usher in a new era of this popularity.

East 233 is the apartment complex closest to the centre of Ringwood. With a marriage of the commercial, residential and play time feel of the reinvented Ringwood at its heart, 233 is one of the most exciting real estate projects in decades.

Carrying the timber and the natural themes from building top to toe, each apartment capitalises on the natural beauty of the area. They feature lovely use of wood, expansive windows, an open floor plan and minimalist cabinetry. Uncluttered and spacious and soaking in the surrounds, the East 233 are those rare apartments that make you feel as though home is truly home.

Perfectly placed within the Ringwood school catchment and an easy commute down the highway, East 233 offers a relaxed suburban lifestyle without sacrificing all the modern conveniences of city living.

Whether you’re looking to invest in property or want to enjoy a work life balance that is second to none, Ringwood has it all.

Take a look at our in-depth profile of the 233 East apartments. Or register online to find out why 233 East, Ringwood residences are bound to impress.